SMS mailing

SMS mailing

Bulk and singular messaging is done, first of all, for the purpose of providing the client with new information of any type:

  • Do you have new goods for sale, discounts, promotional offers, sales? – Tell the client about it.
  • Has the merchandize ordered by the client arrived at the pickup point? – Notify them about it.
  • Are you opening a new store at the weekend, will there be a colorful and joyful performance? - Let the Dear Client know about it.
  • Do you want to write holiday wishes to your clients? – Congratulate them!
  • Do you have special personal offers for key clients? –Hurry up to tell them the good news.
  • And you can also tell them many other things in the message.
SMS mailing

Our advantages

  • uniform price for all operators after the first SMS
  • API. APIof the mailing provided by us is compatible with the popular services.--
  • Speed. The state-of-the-art equipment makes it possible to send a large quantity of messages at the same time. Thus, all the clients will receive the information simultaneously.
  • Convenient interface. The user gets a comfortable personal cabinet where
  • Reliability. Encrypted messages and closed sending servers guarantee--

Who is it profitable for?

It is recommended to use the messaging service:

  • Companies providing Internet services
  • Wholesale and retail stores
  • an online store
  • For tour companies
  • Leisure establishments (bars, cafes, restaurants)
  • Sport organizations (Fitness clubs, Sports centers)
  • websites, provided WEB-Services of any kind
  • Non-governmental organizations