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Sep 08 15:14:49, 2022

Money Isn’t Showing Up in My Balance

We try to provide our customers with the widest possible variety of payment methods.  You can pay not only with a card but also with cryptocurrency and even with the balance of your phone. And we keep on adding new payment methods. 

The issue is often on the end of payment systems. We do not get a notification of a transaction from them, so the money could take up to 24 hours to appear on your balance.

What to do?

If you pay with cryptocurrency, make sure you are transferring the exact amount of money + transaction fee. If the payment system receives the wrong amount of money, it won't be automatically credited to your account.

You need to contact support and attach the proof and details of payment. 

  • If you pay with regular money, send us a receipt or a screenshot of the payment.
  • If you pay with cryptocurrency, send us a transaction hash (txid) and the payment ID.​

We are trying to solve payment issues first, but sometimes you have to contact a payment service provider. It usually takes up to 48 hours to check the payment.

Support contacts

Online consultant in your personal account

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