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Sep 08 14:45:56, 2022

I Don’t Receive an SMS

It is a common problem for SMS services. It's related to technical difficulties and a large number of partners. We are aware of this problem and are trying to minimize it. Sometimes it happens with us despite one of the highest delivery rates.

What to do?

  • Don’t worry — the problem is fixable. Moreover, you pay only for delivered SMS.​
  • Try to request an SMS to a new number or country. A website may have already banned this number but we don’t know about it yet, so changing the number may help.​
  • Use incognito mode in the browser and, if possible, a VPN/proxy.
    This way, it will be more difficult for a website to detect you, and you will look like a new user.
  • If you use a mobile app, clear the app cache.
  • Make sure that the website from which you want to receive SMS is not blacklisted.  You can find the blacklist on the main page, under the free virtual number widget.

    For a quick check, press ctrl + f and paste the website domain without https:// and www into the search bar.

  • Try our free numbers on the main page.
  • These numbers are issued from the rental section. They are more reliable and available to everyone, so the chance of getting an SMS is higher.
  • Contact support for help and recommendations.

Support contacts 

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