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Receive SMS online to virtual phone number in Lithuania

From Whatsapp, Linemessenger, Google, Telegram, Viber, Yahoo, Foodpanda, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Skelbiu and other services, websites in .lt zone

  • A huge base of phone numbers

  • Short and long term number rent

  • Adding new numbers daily

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Text message receiving to free virtual phone numbers in Lithuania with code +370

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How does the OnlineSim service work?

We provide Lithuanian virtual phone numbers for rent, the physical SIM cards of which are installed in our equipment. You rent a number, register in any application or website, and a message from a fake number comes to your personal account on our website. Yes, just like that, you can become a temporary owner of SIM cards from different countries.

And how do I use it?

Virtual phones are distinguished by their anonymity and convenience. You receive one-time messages and forever forget the Lithuanian number that you entered on a dubious site, this will help avoid various spam attacks and leakage of the number into the databases of advertising organizations. Using our number, you can register an account in social networks, a work profile in instant messengers, get bonuses on the website or in the application with a bonus program for new customers.

If the service is blocked in the country, will my account disappear?

No, if our site is blocked in the country, then you can go to any of our mirrors (the main ones: onlinesim.me, onlinesim1.ru), and we also recommend that you save our website instructions for accessing the blocked account in advance, also this site will be updated with current dostup-onlinesim.ru mirrors.

After my lease ends, will my accounts be accessed by the next person who receives the number?

No, we value digital security and have made sure that our numbers are issued in one hand for one request. A situation when another user of the virtual number gains access to your account is excluded.

What is a short-term rental number suitable for?

Short-term lease of a virtual number is suitable for some small task. Figuratively, you can get several codes from one site in 10-60 minutes, after which the rental period will end.

What is a long-term rental number suitable for?

Long-term lease of a virtual number is suitable for closing several tasks at once. You choose the rental period, which can be extended at any time. During this time, you can receive an unlimited number of messages with activation from an unlimited number of resources where you are being verified.

How to get a message if it didn't arrive?

The error may be from the site where you are registering. Trite, your application was missed by the system and the code was not sent. There may also be a failure on our number, in which the message does not arrive in your personal account. In any case, you can close the number, get a refund to your account and get a new virtual number.

How can I get to know your services?

Our website has a special section with free public numbers in Lithuania and other countries, we update the list every day. You can test any of the numbers and see how our system works.

Why choose your service?

We have a large number of numbers from different countries, the percentage of reachability of messages for which is quite large. Our support team works around the clock, trained operators help to deal with any issue in the shortest possible time.

Can I send a message from your number?

No, we do not provide such a service. OnlineSim numbers work exclusively for receiving incoming messages.