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Receive SMS online to virtual phone number

From social networking websites, messengers, and other platforms

  • A huge base of phone numbers

  • Short and long term number rent

  • Adding new numbers daily

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How does it work?

Three easy steps to receive SMS messages


Order a phone number in your account

For instance, you need to register another Gmail account. To do so, log in your personal account and order a number for Gmail.


Use it on the selected website

Copy the allocated number to enter it when filling in the Gmail sign in form


Receive messages from this website

Use the received code to confirm registration

Text message receiving to free virtual phone numbers

Frequently asked Questions

How does the service for receiving SMS messages to virtual numbers operate?

We have our own equipment that holds the SIM cards and our own software that we use to provide mobile numbers to customers to receive messages. When a customer sends a message to an acquired mobile number, it comes to the SIM card. Our software transmits it in the interface of our service.

What is a virtual number?

This is an online mobile number that can be used without a SIM card. In our case, it is a mobile number that only belongs to our service for activation using text messages and can only accept incoming messages.

Where can I use my virtual mobile numbers?

Normally, using such mobile numbers for receiving text messages is used to register in social networks (VK, OK, Facebook, Instagram), confirm messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat), and emails (Yandex, Mail.ru, Gmail, Yahoo). They are also used for other websites and services (like Avito, Yula, AUTO.RU, Twitter, SEOsprint, Steam, Uber, Gett, Microsoft, Tinder). Besides, temporary fake mobile numbers may be used for online reception of one-time personal messages so that you can “fly under the radar” and buy no SIM card for one-time use.

Will I be given a SIM card with a virtual number linked to it?

Our service is designed so that you do not have to use a SIM card yourself. You just use the mobile number that you have acquired online without a SIM card. It is displayed in your personal account interface. This interface also displays the text messages sent to this mobile number with activation and confirmation codes.

Will someone access my number when I stop renting it?

Once you received a text message to the virtual mobile number you have acquired, the number is not to sell anymore for the selected website or app. That's why the situation that someone accessed your social network profile or messenger account is absolutely impossible if you use our service. In other words, our individual numbers are "for your eyes only"

What is a short-rent mobile number (to receive messages from one website)?

If you select this tariff, you get a virtual number for a short time from 10 minutes to 1 hour. The exact time depends on the selected country. Short-term rental allows you to receive an unlimited number of SMS messages for the allocated time and only from a single selected website or app.

What happens if I cannot receive SMS?

If a message does not arrive at the temporary number you ordered (this can happen for various reasons, for example, the sending site delayed sending or the issued number had a failure), you can close the phone number and order another, money from your balance in this case is not debited will be.

What can I do if I don't receive a text message?

If there is no message on the temporary number you have ordered (it may happen for many reasons, for example, the sending website delayed sending or the number has failed), you can deactivate the phone number and the funds will return to the balance so that you can order a new virtual mobile number.

Can I test your service for receiving messages for online activation?

Sure. To do so, we have a special module with temporary free numbers for one-time text message reception on this webpage. These numbers are public, so they may already be used in some popular services. However, unlike most activation services, we update free numbers every day.