GET_NUMBER - number request

This request gets a new operation Don't interrupt operation before FINISH_ACTIVATION request

  {action: "GET_NUMBER", country: "russia",operator: "any",service: "rent", sum: 40, key: "APIKEY"},
  {headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=utf-8'}}


Parameter name Parameter Data type Description/Value
action required STRING GET_NUMBER
key required STRING API key
country required STRING Country name.
See countries list
service required STRING RENT
operator required STRING Operator name.
See operators list
sum required INT Approximate quantity


After successful execution of the request you will get the JSON format response like this:

{"number": 79281234567, "activationId": 355, "status": "SUCCESS"}


{"status": "NO_NUMBERS"}
Result Description/Value
status Request status SUCCESS or ERROR
number Number
activationId Operation ID


Result Description
NO_NUMBERS Numbers for this parameters are missing