PUSH_SMS webhook - sending SMS to OnlineSim

This is webhook for sending messages on server OnlineSim.


  {action: "PUSH_SMS",phoneFrom: 'vk', smsId: 355, phone: 79281234567, text: "VK: 33708", status: 2, key: "APIKEY"},
  {headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=utf-8'}}


Parameter name Parameter Data type Description
smsId required INT Operation ID
phoneFrom required STRING Service name or number
phone required INT Phone number
text required STRING Message text
action required STRING PUSH_SMS
key required STRING API key


"status": "SUCCESS"

If you get a response with SUCCESS status, SMS should be marked in database as successfully delivered (don't send again). If response status is different from SUCCESS, then in 10 seconds another SMS will be sent.