GET_SERVICES - get all numbers

URL - https://`__HUB__`/ With this request you can get a list of online numbers from your server.


return {
    countryList: [
            country: "russia",
            operatorMap: {
                any: {vk: 10, ok: 25, wa: 52},
                beeline: { vk: 10, ok: 15, wa: 20}, 
                megafon: { vk: 0, ok: 10, wa: 32}
            country: "ukraine",
            operatorMap: {
                life: { vk: 0, ok: 10, wa: 32},
                any: { vk: 10, ok: 5, wa: 30},
    status: "SUCCESS"

{danger.fa-close} IMPORTANT. It is necessary to return actual number of simultaneously available sim-carts. For example, if you have simbank for 512 ports and only 60 gsm-modules, then you should return 60, not 512. If you violate this condition, the system will automatically block receiving numbers from you for 30 minutes.


Parameter name Parameter Data type Description
action required STRING Action
key required STRING API key

List format

Parameter name Parameter Data type Description/Value
status required STRING Request status SUCCESS or ERROR
countryList required ARRAY Numbers list


Parameter name Parameter Data type Description
country required STRING Country name.
See countries list
operatorMap required OBJECT Numbers list
Associative array of services:
key - short service name
value - quantity of numbers for the service (type-int).


operator: {service: count, ...}

Parameter name Parameter Data type Description
operator required STRING Operator name.
See operators list
service required STRING Service name.
See services list
count required INT Services quantity