Resellers OnlineSim API v2 - 2023-06-03

General description

OnlineSim API allows you to integrate your selling equipment with our site. To do this it is required:

  1. To contact tech support and get _SERVER_URL_
  2. Create 2 methods addMessage and sendNumbersOnline

To use this API, you need to send POST or GET request via HTTP protocol on the specified URL. In case of successful execution of the request, response status code will be equal to 200 In case of error, response status code will be 4xx

Common responses

Responses values common for all methods.

json {response: RESPONSE, …, … }

Status Result Description
403 ACCOUNT_BLOCKED Account is blocked
401 ERROR_WRONG_KEY API key is wrong
401 ERROR_NO_KEY API key is missing
405 REQUEST_NOT_FOUND Unknown API method
403 API_ACCESS_DISABLED Access to the API is forbidden
403 API_ACCESS_IP Access from current IP is disabled in Profile settings