Identification account

                  You should pass identification in your Profile.

Dear users, on June 1, 2018, the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 245-FZ “On amendments being made to the Federal Law “On Communications” entered into force. In this connection, we have restricted the issuance of Russian numbers to customers who did not pass the Identification.

         This restriction applies to Russian numbers only: without getting identified, you cannot obtain a number for Receiving SMS and a number for Call Forwarding. Please note that this restriction does not apply to numbers of other countries and they can be purchased in unlimited quantities.

Important! No numbers or SIM cards will be registered on your data!

Please find below the answers to some questions you might have:

        How safe is it to provide you with my passport data?

The data is stored in encrypted form, it is not posted anywhere on the website and in no way will third parties be able to access it.

        Why do you collect passport data?

The Law in force obliged telecom operators to provide services to customers who confirmed their identity (= provided their passport data). Therefore, the operator with whom we cooperate obliged us, in his turn, to work with customers who confirmed their identity.

        Will you register any numbers or SIM cards on my data?

No SIM cards or numbers are registered on your data. All numbers are registered on our company.

       Can I revoke my data?

The customer can at any time request to terminate the contract for processing and storage of their passport data.

        Why should I trust you and how can I be certain that you won’t deceive me?

We work within the legal framework of the Russian Federation and comply with the Russian legislation. If you have any problem with the data provided to us, you always can contact the police to check our service and clarify the circumstances of the problem. Our TIN and all other details are listed here. 

If you need more explanations or have any concerns, please contact our Support on the website or write an email at [email protected]

Here please find the link for the identification options

What we are doing now to normalize the situation:

  • We are developing additional features to enable SIM card resellers to sell numbers through our service – then we will be able to provide numbers to customers without identification.
  • We are looking for services in different countries for integration, connecting new countries to receive SMS.

Thank you for understanding!