Cooperation: monetize your SIM cards

        What does the work consist of?

There will be SIM cards installed in your equipment, their numbers are sold on our service. The equipment can be located in any place where there is Internet access.

You only need to change the SIM cards, the rest is automated

Numbers of all countries of the world will be suitable, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, America, Canada, and many others.

        How do you start?

1. Register on the website

2. Purchase GSM equipment, or use your own

3. Buy SIM cards

4. Our employees remotely set up the equipment and software

5. You start earning money


Flexible hours: you can change the numbers only 2 times per day

Quick start: upon the availability of the equipment, you can start earning money on the same day

24/7 support service on Telegram and Skype, as well as setup via TeamViewer

Payouts: 1 time per week


You will get 70 to 80% from the sale of a number

The amount received from one number can be as much as 3$ (depending on the country)

The funds invested in the equipment will be reimbursed within the first month of working

Income calculator

If you are interested, or if you still have any questions, write to us in the Telegram chat: SimSale, or send us an e-mail at