Affiliate program

Dear friends, we have increased the quantity of numbers from different countries. As a result of that, we are in need of new clients, therefore here comes an affiliate program where you can earn money on attracting clients.

Examples of ways to attract clients:

writing articles;

creating overview videos;

publishing links on forums;

any other types of lead generation.

The cost of a number (a SIM card) in most foreign markets is a sequence higher, consequently the cost of SMS reception will be higher, therefore the main priority is to attract foreign solvent audience, and in its turn, the high price for the services will have a positive impact on your earnings :).

The mechanism of action of the affiliate program:

  1. Get the affiliate link in the personal cabinet on the OnlineSim website, on the Profile page;
  2. Publish the link on your traffic sources;
  3. In the cabinet, get the statistics of how much each client has brought;
  4. Withdraw the money, or transfer it to your account on the OnlineSim website.

The conditions of the affiliate program:

  • Your reward is 5% of the amount spent by the client you have attracted, and if you want to earn more, go to
  • The interest is accrued within 3 months from the date of the client’s registration.
  • The program is participated by all countries.

The advantages of the affiliate program:

  • We are the only ones who have an affiliate program on services devoted to such a subject matter;
  • The competition is not very high in this subject matter. It is not difficult to move your articles and overview videos to the top of the list.

For any questions, write to the site Support or to our official mail - [email protected]