Software for working with our site

To automate the work and speed up the execution of your SMS reception tasks, you can use the software below, in which our service is already integrated. An api-key, which is located in the Profile settings, is used in the work.

All developers who are interested in adding their software to this list are asked to write to the site’s support and read this article.


Cost: Free (version 1)

Download here

Designed to work with VKcom and has great functionality.


Cost: 20$

Download here

Designed to work with and has great functionality.


Cost: 20$

Download here

Designed to work with Instagram and has great functionality.


Cost: 8900 rubles

Download here

Professional application for automatic posting (placement of announcements) on the bulletin board number 1 in Russia.


Cost: 1050 rubles per month

Download here

An application for professional promotion on Instagram (from 25 RUB a day). Full work automation to attract customers and arbitrate traffic with various service functions.


Cost: 5000 rubles

Download here

Multifunctional application for promotion on VKcom.


Cost: 14700 rubles

Download here

Full automation of work in the browser and a huge additional functionality.

Staf4 Registrator

Cost: 2000 rubles

Download here

Staf4 Registrator is an application for multi-threaded automatic registration of mail accounts.