• Main elements:1. Choose a countryFor example, China2. Choose a serviceFor example, Google to register mail3. Order a numberPush "Buy number" (4р is price). Issued a number:4. Register in Gmail and enter the number5. Send the code6. Get the codeand finish signing up for Gmail!
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    If you work with multiple accounts on our website and want all of them to be identified, for such situations we have the possibility of identification copying from one account to the other ones. It is important to note that it is possible to copy both complete and partial identification to 5 additional accounts.The option can be found here: Profile → Identification → Copy IdentificationTo perform the copying, you need to know the APIKEY, User Name and Password, this is the data of the account which the identification will be copied from.The APIKEY is located in the User ProfileCopy all the necessary data and paste it into the form of the account which you are going to identify.Click "Copy Identification"Pleasant....
  • Examples of receive of SMS messages from different websites to Chinese temporary numbers.Activate text messaging on FACEBOOKon TELEGRAMon INSTAGRAM
  • Example of working with forwarding Views: 6982
    After making the purchase, you can adjust the following parameters for the number:enable/disable auto renewal;add/edit personal numbers, and also change the priority of forwarding. Example of a conversation and data on debitings  It should be reminded that to open the history of calls and debitings you have to click  in the forwarding table.        Initially, the number history is empty.        The information on the accepted call will appear in the table within 5 minutes, and will contain data on the caller’s number, operator, call duration, and final cost.        After making two calls, here we can see the statistics for them:The money in the amount of 4 RUR was debited directly from the profile’s balance. ....
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    Any mobile number is issued by the operator anew, if it does not use paid services - outgoing calls, SMS, etc. On the part of the numbers provided by our service, it is possible to automatically perform paid actions, thereby prolonging the validity period of the number. It is worth noting that this operation is suitable both for users who work with SMS Reception, and for users working with Call Forwarding .