Receive SMS to virtual numbers is a service for receiving SMS messages to virtual numbers. We offer temporary free as well as private numbers from different countries of the world for receiving activation codes and SMS verifications online.
Countries: UK +44, Canada +1, Germany +49, France +33, Holland +31, Sweden +46, China +86, Russia +7, Ukraine +380, Austria +43 and others.
Private numbers are available in your account immediately after registration!

How it works?

Choose the necessary country and service in your account
Send a message to a rented virtual SMS number
Use the received registration confirmation code on the service of your choice

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For information

Our team has been engaged in providing disposable virtual numbers for the activation of SMS messages for 5 years. Our service is one of the leaders of activating services by the number of countries and amount of numbers. You can receive SMS online without using a SIM card both using disposable toll free numbers (they are also called fake), and using individual paid numbers that are given “per customer.” Note that individual numbers are provided for a period from 10 minutes to unlimited use; it depends on the country and SMS reception (get sms) options on the number.

Where and for what you can use our virtual online numbers?

Usually, people use such temp numbers to register in social networks (Facebook, Instagram), messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat), email services (Gmail, Yahoo), as well as on other sites and services: AVITO, YOULA, AUTO.RU, Twitter, SEOsprint, Steam, Uber, Gett, Microsoft, and Tinder. Temporary numbers can be also used to receive one-time personal messages in order to remain anonymous and not to purchase a SIM card for a one-time deal.